5 Ways to Deal With Irregular Periods!

  1. Exercise and diet – Regular physical exercise in the form of walking, jogging, yoga, dancing, cycling is a must. – Regularisation of eating habits, avoiding junk food and too much eating of outside food should be  done.- Don’t skip breakfast.- Three square meals with dinner by 8 pm.- Two small in between healthy snacks on salads sprouts or nuts should be done. – Drink plenty of oral liquids. – Exercise & diet have a value as they will keep your body fit and weight under control.
  2. Healthy lifestyle– Early to bed and early to rise was the ‘Mantram’ given by our elders. It still holds true.- Your body is the only place where you live. Take utmost care of it.- Meditating for some time daily will calm your mind and will maintain positive outlook.- It is a scientific fact that stress causes hormonal imbalance.- Avoid unwanted factors in life, be it alcohol, smoke or excessive social media.
  3. Hormones check– Most common cause of irregular menses is hormonal imbalance.- Disorders of thyroid and prolactin hormones is commonly seen.- Diagnosis of these conditions can easily done in blood tests & subsequently medicines can be started.- PCOS (PCOD) – Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome  is another hormonal imbalance disorder, which is now on a rise. It’s diagnosis also depends on some specialized hormonal tests.
  4. Sonography– Sonography tells us the structure of uterus and ovaries.- Abnormalities can be detected and appropriate treatment offered.- In cases of PCOS, at times hormonal tests in blood come normal, but when we do sonography of ovaries, we come to know that PCOS is a likely diagnosis.
  5. Treatment– Taking prescribed medications on time is a must.- It may include hormonal or non-hormonal tablets.- Treatment may last upto a period of 3-6 months.- Afterwards it is stopped.- Many a times normalization of menses occurs & no further treatment is required.