Check your urine for pregnancy. If clear, take oral progesterone for withdrawal bleeding. Consult Gynaecologist Now if you need more help. 

No medicine can get your menses early. even if you bleed after medicine, your normal menses will arrive bang on time.

Pregnancy in this cycle unlikely. You must take a break from ovulation induction and give your body sufficient time to heal before opting for another cycle with GnRH analogue ( injectable medicine for ovulation induction).

If periods are that irregular, fertile window can only be determined by Follicular study by ultrasound

Only confirmatory test for pregnancy is urine pregnancy test and blood test- Beta HCG. Please do them if period is missed.

Seems to be a bit on lower side, but not to worry, there is still plenty of time. You can take pregnancy specific supplements. Also take an opinion of Dietitian. Have a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, milk and curd.

Burning may be because of infection. Don’t worry about periods, so much.

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