Book By Dr. Himani R Gupta

The author has been advocating for women’s welfare through writing since 2015, focusing on simplifying complex gynecological topics for a broader audience. The articles written on common interests garnered significant readership and support. Recognizing the need for accessible explanations on intricate gynecological matters, the author has compiled a book, presenting scientific information in a conversational format. The book uses storytelling and dramatization to address various aspects of patient scenarios, including financial concerns, family responsibilities, and work-life balance during treatment. Covering common gynecological problems, the book aims to resonate with individuals facing similar clinical issues or those supporting a loved one in such situations. The author encourages the use of the book as a valuable gift and resource, emphasizing the authenticity of the information provided and the book’s role in offering answers in plain language.

About Author
I have been writing for the welfare of all women since 2015. In my day-to-day practice, when I found a common topic of interest, I would make an effort to write an article on it, explaining difficult gynecology related medical facts in a very easy language. These articles received lots of love from the readers. Over the period of time many articles have been read by many thousand people and some have crossed lakhs in terms of readership. It gives me confidence to say that there is a need for easy explanation of difficult gynec topics. In life, there is always a next breath. For my writing the next breath is this book. I have chosen this format so that it could appeal to one and all.