While it is a blessing to be a mother do not fret if you are not able to get pregnant. These days many treatments are available which can help you full fill your desire.

Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant after having regular unprotected intercourse. Almost 15 % of the couples have fertility issues. Either or both partners may have fertility issues.

The common causes of infertility are


  1. PCOD – a condition in which there is a hormonal imbalance resulting in anovulation, that is the egg is not released resulting in infertility. There may be other symptoms of PCOS as well and this may require proper treatment in terms of diet, regular exercise, ovulation inducing agents.
  2. GENITAL TUBERCULOSIS – genital tuberculosis results in blocked fallopian tubes and poor growth of the endometrium. Often, it is first diagnosed when the patient comes with the inability to conceive.
  3. ENDOMETRIOSIS – endometriosis is a condition where the endometrial tissue is found outside the endometrium. It often causes intense pain in the periods, pain during intercourse, altered menstrual cycle etc.
  4. HYPERPROLACTINEMIA – increased prolactin levels don’t allow pregnancy
  5. THYROID PROBLEMS – Hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid can cause fertility issues and require proper treatment
  6. POOR OVARIAN RESERVE – age more than 35 causes a decline in the quality of eggs reducing the chances of pregnancy. Sometimes premature ovarian failure, a condition in which the ovaries stop functioning before the age of 40 can also be responsible for infertility.
  7. PREVIOUS PELVIC SURGERY – this may result in intense adhesions, scarring etc which can cause blocked tubes.
  8. UTERINE FIBROIDS AND ENDOMETRIAL POLYPS – can cause infertility and may require surgery
  9. BLOCKED TUBES DUE TO PID – sometimes a chronic pelvis infection can result in blocked tubes and this may require surgery or other fertility treatment.


Abnormal semen analysis which may include low sperm count, poor motility of sperms etc.


  1. COUNSELLING – sometimes counselling is all that is required. An explanation of a fertile period, small tips like weight control can make a vast difference
  2. OVULATION INDUCTION – sometimes a woman may require simple drugs like letrozole or clomiphene etc. to make the follicle grow.
  3. ADVANCED FERTILITY TREATMENTS– these treatments include various IVF options for which opinion of a IVF specialist will be sought.

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